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Official OHAT Sites:
Official site for the administration of OHAT certifications.

Official site for OHAT Testing and Licensing.

Want to be a Part of OHAT?

Airgun or Airgun Accessory Manufacturer – OHAT is a better way to accurately inform consumers about the real world performance of a product.  It is better for the consumer, better for the sport, and better for the industry.  If you are Manufacturer and would like to learn more, please contact the sales department using the contact us form about testing and certifying your products.

Airgun Enthusiast – Help us compile a database of unofficial OHAT scores by contacting and finding out how to test and submit your airgun or airguns.   While these results would be unofficial, it is valuable to have something with which to compare official results and you can be a big part of that process.

Are you a serious Airgunner? – Please use the contact us form to submit a request to be considered for an official OHAT testing position.  Testers will be required to maintain proficiency in their qualified areas. will compensate official testers based on experience and airgun class.